(For MT main labels) Ways of using a platform with several whitelabels

Basic Points

  • The Platform is connected to MT4/5 server via MT Manager’s API.

  • That means that Investment platform can work with all accounts in all groups to which it has access.

  • Platform supports creation of Whitelabels inside of it. So you can offer your WL-clients buy a license for investment platform and launch social trading, MAM or PAMM in their company. They will have own web interfaces, own leaderboard of money managers, settings and will not see any accounts of other WLs.

1. Sharing Money Managers: Simple Way

It is always hard to find good traders and populate leaderboard with them. So each WL can has its own branded web interface but be connected to one WL inside of backend.


  • Very simple implementation.

  • Suitable for different brands of one company with single PnL calculation.


  • Money managers can not set fees as in that case investors from WL #2 can pay money to WL #1 which are different companies.

2. Sharing Money Managers: Advanced Way

WL #1 and WL #2 are separated from the very beginning. Own set of money manages and own web interfaces.

WL #1 has 3 good money managers. WL #2 creates 3 master accounts and ML subscribe that 3 accounts to 3 money managers of WL #1 but without any fees.

ML also copies all historical data from Masters 1-3 to Masters 4-6 respectively. It can be done in few clicks.

As a result WL#2 gets good Money managers with a good track record from the day one.


Works in both ways


Same Main Label can make same scheme for WL #1: copy good traders of WL #2 to WL #1.


  • New WLs can get good traders from the very beginning and start attracting investors to their company.


  • Requires few efforts from Main Label for connection of all account.

3. Sharing of Money Managers: even more Advanced Way

Master accounts can have different account types in different WLs.

WL #1 can have social trading masters, WL #2 — PAMM masters and vice versa.