Master and Investment accounts

Master Account Page


Master Account page consists of the following items:

  1. Sidebar Menu

  2. Refresh button

  3. Create new master account button

  4. Show archived checkbox to show archived accounts

  5. Show master as investor checkbox

  6. Export to file button

Name is an account’s name which will be visible on Leaderboard in the web-interface.

Investment Account Page


Investment Account page consists of the following items:

  1. Sidebar Menu

  2. Refresh button

  3. Create new master account button

  4. Show archived checkbox to show archived accounts

  5. Show master as investor checkbox

  6. Export to file button

Master and investment account pages are 90% identical.

They show all account logins which can be Copier/MAM or PAMM-masters or relevant to them investors.

All main information is collected on the Home screen for easy navigation and search all necessary parameters. It is also easy to find subscribers’ emails, name in Leaderboard or MT.

By double-clicking you can navigate to the :ref: master-and-investment-accounts:Account settings page, on which you can look through all subscriptions and deposits of an account.

Account settings


This is the main screen for account settings. On this screen you can view and configure details in the following fields:

  1. User — a user who owns a particular account.

  2. Login — account login.

  3. Partners — in this field you can set % of fees transferring to your associate (as subscriber and as master).

  4. Test account checkbox — check it in case you have created an account for some testing purposes.

  5. Close position by Unsubscribe checkbox.

  6. Leverage — set leverage ratio.

  7. Currency — select the currency.

  8. Account type — set the type of the account.

  9. Masters settings:

For PAMM managers:

  • Subscribe only “Fund Investors” checkbox

  • Use own D/W behavior field


All deposit/withdrawal settings are equal to those described in the Trading rules section.

  • Minimal deposit field

  • Hide from rating checkbox

  • Dropdown list from which you can select options that will be visible for investors: all information or limited (without open/close time or opened positions)

  • Daily profit/loss limits

  • Recommended allocation for new subscribers

  • Fees schedule


All fees settings are described in the How to set fees for particular investor article of How-To-Use Guide.

  1. Nickname — it is visible on Leaderboard in the web-interface only for master accounts.

  2. Description — description of the account.

Create a user

You can link any account, which has already been created, to another existing account or a new user.


To create a new user, click on the plus icon to the right of the User field.


Ref. to Create a new user for more details on the process of new user creation.

Edit user details

You can edit user information directly from the page of the particular account.

To edit user information, click the pencil icon to the right of the User field, then fill out the form.


Choose a user

If you have linked an account to another user by mistake, you can easily correct it.

There is no need to delete an account and create it once more. Just select the correct account from the dropdown list of available accounts by clicking the account name.


Partner rewards settings

Partner (or agent) payments can be configured not only on a master account but also on an investment account.


If an account is copy/MAM subscriber or fund investor, % of fees paid by an investor will be transferred to specified MT account of an agent. In this case you need to fill out the agent’s login in the right part of the drop-down window and set a percentage.

If an account is master, % of fees to this master from all investors accounts will be transferred to partner’s account. In this case you need to fill out the partner’s login in the left part of the drop-down window and set a percentage.

Account subscriptions screen

The screen can be divided into three sections:

  1. Informational area

  2. Subscription details table

  3. Positions information table


Informational Area

  1. Refresh button.

  2. Create new button.


For the detailed process of creating a new subscription ref. to How to subscribe an investor to a master.

  1. Only active subscription checkbox, which allows you to hide all inactive subscriptions as Master tab — an account is a master and all accounts in the table are its subscribers.

  2. as Subscriber tab — an account is an investor and the table displays all masters, to whom an account is signed.

Subscription Details Table

  1. Master (or Subscriber) — selected account’s login.

  2. Pause button — allows to pause trading for some particular account.

  3. Reverse button — activates reverse trading starting from the next position.

  4. Active Minimum lot button — an order can be executed even if its initial volume is less than 0.01. It just sets 0.01 lot automatically for such cases.

  5. Ratio — according to this ratio an investor follows a master.

  6. Allocation — type of allocation for particular subscription which masters can change.

When master changes allocation type, the indicators included in it are highlighted accordingly.


Learn more about allocation methods for every single account type here.

  1. Amount of Positions that have already been opened for an account.

  2. Currency — account currency.

  3. Balance and credit funds (if it is used) — amount of money at the current time, excluding open positions.

  4. Equity/Floating Profit/Loss — account balance, results of trading operations, swaps and all broker commissions.

  5. Free margin — account balance, excluding margin, floating profit/loss and overnight operations.

  6. Loss limit — maximum loss amount which a master/investor can to allow.

  7. Current loss

  8. Profit limit — is set if needed.

  9. Current profit

  10. Summed Profit/Loss — summed result of profit and loss.

  11. Status — subscription status.

Positions Information Table

  1. ID — index number in MetaTrader.

  2. Position — index number of an investment platform’s database.

  3. Login — account login.

  4. Actionsell or buy.

  5. Symbol — specifies a trading tool.

  6. Lot — lot volume.

  7. Time — time of order execution.

  8. Price — opening price.

  9. Current — current price.

  10. Real.PL — real profit/loss.

  11. Float PL — float profit/loss.

  12. Pos MA — a master’s position that is copied.

  13. % base — the size ratio of investor position to master position.

Account subscriptions screens for masters and investors are almost identical but there are some differences.

  1. Master can also view all positions of the subscribers as well as their balance and equity.

  2. Create new button is slightly different for masters and subscribers. By clicking this button you create the subscription for this particular account:

    • as Master, it subscribes an Investor according to the login you typed in the box

    • as Investor, it subscribes to a Master

Subscription settings screen

This screen displays all the settings for each particular subscription.

Subscription Information


On this page you can edit the details, described in the Account subscriptions screen article.

Positions Opened by Subscription

On the Positions screen you can view all positions that have been copied to an investor according to some particular subscription.



The Fees screen demonstrates all payments from investors to masters.


Account balance screen

On this screen you can view balance and free margin of a payment account (how much can be transferred), as well as the same data for investment/master account to or from which the transfer is going to be made.


By clicking on the Unsubscribe and withdraw all button you can unsubscribe an account from all masters, all trades will be closed and remaining funds will be withdrawn to a payment account.

Account positions screen

On this screen you can view all opened positions as well as subscription positions if the account is master.


Account history screen

On this screen you can view all deals in MT5 (or orders in MT4).

  1. Balance / Credit box — balance/credit values. If there are no credit funds, the second part after the slash isn’t visible.

  2. Sum DW / PL — deposit-withdrawal and profit-loss values.

  3. HWM — the highest value of your portfolio, after deducting other costs and removing deposits or withdrawals.

  4. Equity / Margin free — equity and free margin values.

  5. First deal — the date and time of the first executed order.

  6. TWR — coefficient of profitability which reflects profit to initial capital ratio.

  7. TWR (30 days) — TWR within 30 days.

  8. Equity DD — a peak-to-trough decline from amount of equity during a specific period for an investment.

Some deals can have Statist in the Comment column, which means that a record is informational and it is used only for collecting and statistics purposes.

Each line in the database contains information about the account’s equity, balance and other data necessary for statistics.


In the upper right corner you can find the History button which allows you to upload existing history in a CSV file or import history from a pre-created CSV file.

On this page you can also see 2 tabs: Deals and Positions.

Positions tab consists of only trades, and Deals tab includes also statistics.


Account fees screen

On this page you can view all fees of subscribers (as master) or fees to all masters, to whom an account is subscribed (as investor).

You can sort all fees by receiver and type to find a specific payment.