How to upload history files sent by B2Broker

File name explanation

Files always have following names: 1_МТ4_5121.79_77%

  • 1 — ID of chart in History bank. So consider it like ID only

  • MT4 — type of file format as PAMM platform can work with deals (MT5 type) and positions (MT4 type). So use the proper file format upload function when you’re uploading history

  • 5121.79 — amount of money on the account

  • 77% — return of the account

Step 1: Create the master account where you want to upload a history file.

Then go to account page (double click on it) and go to history section.


Step 2: Deposit amount of money that is written in the name of the file to it.

Examples for files with different names:

  • 1_МТ4_5121.79_77% > deposit 5121.79$

  • 54_MT4_8821.54_121% > deposit 8821.54$

Step 3: Delete history in DB with clicking on a following button.



Be sure you did it before uploading new history.

That is the most common human mistake during that process. Be sure you did it before uploading of new history from a file otherwise you will have errors.

Step 4: upload a history file



Always use shift time on today checkbox near to Upload to DB Button.