How a small investor can copy every position from a big account

Sometimes investor and money manager has too different accounts sizes, e.g. 5000$ vs 200$. Without that setting investor will usually get signals for less than 0.01 lot that can not be opened in MetaTrader server.

  1. Subscribe investment account to a master account.

  2. Find a subscription on a subscription page in manager’s app.

  3. Activate a Open minimal volume checkbox.


All subscriptions are created with activated setting by default. So you need to make it only in case when it was deactivated by investor or your colleague.

For example you have allocation formula. Let’s say it is a proportionally by equity x ratio.

Lot of investor = master_lot x equity_investor/equity_master x ratio

Let’s take following numbers:

  • master’s equity = 2000

  • investor’s equity =500

  • master’s lot = 0.02

  • ratio = 1

Calculated lot for investor with numbers above is = 0.005. It is smaller than min lot on a server for FX = 0.01.

So we have 2 options: open 0.01 or don’t open anything.

If min lot option is activated — 0.01 lot will be opened on investor’s account.