How to change account type after creation

Sometimes you or a client make a mistake during opening of account and you want to fix it without opening second account.

  1. Go to master/investment account tabs.

  2. Open account properties window with double click on account.

  3. Change account type.

  4. Add more settings if account type is PAMM.


But it is important to avoid changing account type it if there are some opened positions on account.

Or speak to support team before doing it.

Account Types

Social Trading Master


Social Trading Investor


PAMM Master


PAMM Investor


MAM Master


MAM Investor


Combined Types of Accounts

You can combine one or several account types at once.

  1. Each master can be social trading investor and can be subscribed to any account that is not only subscriber to receive signals from it.

  2. PAMM Master can be also MAM Master at same moment.


Please test all this custom setups prior using them on live server.