How to change Master account type from PAMM to MAM with investors

If you have PAMM-master account with subscribed PAMM-investors and want to change their types from PAMM to MAM, you need to make following steps:

  1. Close all opened positions — this is critical step, ensure you made it before continue

  2. Unsubscribe and withdraw all subscribed investors:

  • Open investor account’s settings, on the tab Balance press this button (repeat this step for every subscribed investor):

  • Open master account’s settings, on the tab Balance activate all withdrawals:

  • On the tab Subscriptions press Refresh button and wait until all investors’ statuses become unsubscribed:

  1. Change master account type:

  • Check option Signal Manager (MAM)

  • Uncheck option Fund Manager (PAM)

  • Save changes:

  1. Change investor accounts type. Select option Subscriber (MAM) and save changes:

  1. For every investor return funds from payment accounts to investor accounts by making deposits:

  1. In master account’s settings on the tab Subscriptions change Allocation type if it needed (default type is — % by Equity * Ratio).

  1. Activate subscription for every subscriber: