How to make a deposit/withdrawal in PAMM

Deposit/Withdraw only via investor in PAMM.

PAMM account’s balance consists from the money of the investors accounts who are subscribed to it. So if you as a money-manager would like to add your own funds to PAMM, you should have also the investor’s account as a part of your PAMM.

Follow the steps below to create investor’s account and add your funds via it:

  1. Create investor’s account with type PAMM.

  2. Then subscribe your PAMM investor to your PAMM-master account.

  3. Finally deposit your funds to it.

Trigger the DW-request to add the funds to your PAMM.


Click Execute all requests to add your funds.

  1. Requests which are waiting for a trigger or for a scheduled processing are in the upper field Pending requests.

  2. As soon as transaction will be completed, completed transaction will be in the lower field Archived requests with the status Success.