How to subscribe an investor to a Master

Step 1: Choose the investor you want to subscribe to a master in the list of investors and open the tab Subscriptions


Step 2. Create New Subscription

  1. Go to tab Subscriptions.

  2. Make sure that you are on the tab as Investor.

  3. Press Create new.

Step 3. Fill Master Login


To make a default subscription just fill master-login to which you want to subscribe this investor and press Create.

Create a subscription from the master’s account:

Just get the subscription window from the master choosing As master on the subscription page. Then add the login of the investor, you want to subscribe.


Create a subscription from the subscription page.

Click Create new on the screen Subscriptions and add the numbers of master’s and investor’s accounts you want to subscribe to each other.


To sup up, for the simple subscription you just need to fill in the account numbers and click Create.

Customize Subscription.

  1. Set Allocation. Select Allocation from the dropdown to setup the formula how this investor will copy the deals from master.


Be careful changing allocation formula! Choose only the method you have in web-interface and make sure that this formula will not be a surprise for your client

  1. Set Risk ratio. Change Risk ratio to change the volume which investor will copy. Ratio will be valuable only if you chosen the allocation formula with Ratio.

  2. Set limits of profit/loss.

  • Select from the dropdown how do you want to set a risk limit: you can select fixed money — absolute value. Or set it in percentage — drawdown % from max profit.

  • Choose Limit loss/profit to limit possible loses/profit of the client. As soon as he will reach it, his deals from this master will be closed and subscription will be cancelled.


In general, be careful with this additional settings — in case of any doubts contact PAMM support team.