How to create a complex hierarchy of subscribed accounts

(Case Master 2 — Master 1 — Investor for Social Trading accounts)

Usually clients want to see plain subscriptions like Master <-> Investor but sometimes they need to have accounts hierarchy with more than one level. Let’s take a look at the structure where we have investors copying their positions from Master 1 and Master 1 copying his positions from Master 2.

  1. Create master account “Master 2” and set Account Type “Provider+Subscriber“.

  2. Create master account “Master 1” and set Account Type “Provider+Subscriber“.

  3. Subscribe Master 1 account to Master 2.

  4. Create investment account and set Account Type “Subscriber“ for him. Subscribe this investment account to Master.


You can add more levels between your Main Master and End Investors but all accounts on these levels must have Account Type “Provider+Subscriber“. It guarantees that your accounts will be able to act like both Masters and Investors.