How to make a deposit/withdrawal (PAMM investor)

Before deposit money to your PAMM investor’s account make sure that you have money on your payment account.

You can deposit/withdraw (DW) money to your investor’s account from/to your payment account.

Step 1: Make a DW request

  1. Go to the tab My accounts.

  2. Choose the account from the dropdown list if you have several of them.

  3. Choose the tab Deposit or Withdraw depending on what do you want to do.

  4. Add the sum of money you want to deposit / withdraw.

  5. Click Deposit/Withdraw.



Remember that in PAMM the balance operations are not done immediately. PAMM Money manager has special settings how the DW requests will be approved in the particular PAMM you are subscribed. So after you submit your DW request, you should check it status.

Step 2: Check the status of your DW request

To track the status of your DW-request, go to the tab “Deposit/Withdrawal requests”:

  1. Requests in process will be in the upper field Pending requests.

  2. As soon as transaction will be completed, it will go to the lower field Archived requests with the status Success.



Money-managers are recommended to execute DW for their investors at list once in 24 hours. So if your request is pending too long, ask your broker’s support team for a assistance.